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Performance Portfolio

At Virginia Speed

We understand that your car is more than just a car. Building high-horsepower cars in our shop is our passion, and we want to share the experience with you! Plus, photos and videos of cars never get old. Check out our project portfolio on Flickr for an in-depth look at Virginia Speed’s performance builds and installations.


Video Gallery

Virginia Speed has videos highlighting our past achievements all the way up to crazy horsepower dyno pulls. Check out our videos on our YouTube Channel as well as our featured videos below.

Tech: Building a 1,200 HP 388ci ProCharger LSX
Tech Review: Holley LSX Hi-Ram Intake Manifold
Tech: ProCharger LSX F-1C Supercharger System
Tech: Jesel's LSX Racing Valvetrain With VA Speed
Hyperfest 2012 Virginia Speed Z06 & ZR1
Justin Culbert's Toyota Supra at VIR.
Phil Thomas Turbo LSx Build.