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Specialized Vehicle Services in Virginia Beach, VA

Machining Services

With the latest in 4 axis CNC block machining and diamond honing we can help you extract the maximum power out of your DIY build. We can bore , hone, align bore, install keyed lifter bushings, install larger head stud packages, remove and re-install cast iron liners to increase cubic inches to the max. Big stoker? We can clearance your block so that big crank has no interference.

Dynamometer Services

With a DynoJet Chassis dyno and three engine dynos we put the proven in Proven Performance.  Anyone can purchase a dyno but it takes years of practice to ensure repeatability and to understand what the numbers really mean.  We are not Google engineers, we employ actual college educated mechanical engineers with many years of testing under our belt.


We employ the best fabrication artisans in the state, maybe even the east coast.   Tell us your dream, we can design it rapid prototype it, build it and finally test and install it.  When you need a work of art that is a functional engineering piece call us and we can make that dream a reality.

Vehicle Services

Performance Services
  • Complete High-Performance Race Builds
  • Turbocharger Systems
  • Supercharger Systems
  • Methanol Injection
  • Suspension Upgrades
  • Header & Exhaust Systems
  • Valve Train Upgrades
  • Drivetrain Upgrades
  • Clutch Repair & Replacement
  • Cold Air Intake Install
  • Custom Dyno Tuning
  • Holley Carb. Tuning
  • Distributor Tuning
  • Diagnostics & Trouble Shooting
  • General Maintenance & Repair

If you have any questions or concerns regarding installation, please contact us at any time.

Services & Engineering

Machining Services & Equipment

Machining Equipment

RMC V40 4 Axis CNC

  • Precision Block Measurement & Machining

Sunnen SV-10 Hone

  • Equipped with diamond honing stone and plateau brushes.
  • Capable of honing 3 to 5.5 inches

CWT 5500 Crankshaft Balancer

Cam CNC Plasma Cutting

Machining Services
  • Bore Cylinders
  • Line Bore
  • Deck Block
  • Deck Heads
  • Lifter Bushing Install With Standard Or Keyway Bushings
  • Larger Head & Main Stud Machining & Install
  • Splayed Main Cap Machining & Install
  • Clearance For Large Stroke
  • Block Lightening
  • High-Temperature Parts Cleaning
  • Balance Rotating Assemblies

Pricing for machining services will vary depending on the application and the labor involved. If you do not see a service listed or would like pricing on services, please contact us.

Dynamometers & Software

Dynojet 224x Chassis Dynamometer
Dynojet logo
Superflow 902 Engine Dynamometer
SuperFlow logo
Schenck D1100 Engine Dynamometer
Tuning Software(s)

A.E.M. Electronics Software

  • A.E.M. Pro Versions 1&2
  • A.E.M. Infinity
  • A.E.M. FIC


DiabloSport CMR

EFI Live

Holley EFI


Big Stuff 3

Accel DFI

Dyno tuning rates will vary depending on the application and the performance modifications to the engine or vehicle. Please contact us with inquiries regarding dyno services.

Fabrication Department

Fabrication Services

Custom CNC Components

Prototype Design & Manufacture

Tig & Mig Welding of Stainless Steel, Aluminum & Titanium

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Manufacturing of the Following:

  • Custom Headers
  • Exhaust
  • Turbo Kits
  • Intake Piping
  • Roll Cages
  • Chassis Work

For pricing regarding our fabrication services, please contact us by phone or email.

Additional Services

  • Hose Crimp Service
  • Nitrous Refills ( By the pound)
  • Pre-Purchase Inspection
  • Speedometer Calibration

Virginia Speed offers hose crimping for customers in need of custom cut-length braided hose and fittings placed on correctly. For our customers, we stock a large number of Earl’s fittings and braided hoses.

Nitrous refills are charged by the pound at $5.95 a pound. We ask that all customers check that bottles are within the five-year certification. We will not fill bottles that are out of certification or heated with a torch. If the bottle is out of certification, call for locations to recertify.

Virginia Speed offers pre-purchase inspections for customers wanting expert advice regarding a vehicle’s condition. This service is provided for customers interested in a stock or modified vehicle.

Get your refill here graphics

Custom Camshafts

Custom Camshafts & Valvetrain Engineering

Shop VA Speed Custom Camshafts >

Virginia Speed has over 100 combined years experience designing custom camshaft and valvetrain systems.

Virginia Speed utilizes 4Stroke Software by Blair & Associates to design custom camshafts for simple industrial engines to complex race engines.

Reverse engineering capabilities using precision camshaft measuring equipment.

Virginia Speed offers a complete line of supercharger & turbocharger camshafts for LS based applications.

Camshaft & valvetrain design engineering offered for road racing, drag, marine & off-road applications.

Custom Camshaft design available for most applications.


To provide our customers with custom camshafts and valvetrain options, we ask that all customers fill out our custom camshaft form. Custom Cam Form

The graph represents a stock 2006 Chevy Corvette Z06 with a very mild custom camshaft with preventative maintenance to the heads.

End result was a 50rwhp gain and a 40rwtq gain.

Virginia Speed, Inc. graph

Engine Building Program



  • Drag Racing
  • Off Shore/Marine
  • Road Racing
  • Circle Track
  • Street Performance
  • Naturally Aspirated
  • Turbocharged
  • Supercharged
  • Nitrous
  • Gas or Diesel
  • 4 Cylinder to 900C.I.D. Mountain Motors